Modafinil for Studying: The Ultimate “Brain Viagra” or Hype?

Talking ’bout the wonder study drug

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Back in the days of ”the happy seventies” when the development and consumption of narcotics were on the rise, the first smart drugs were developed. There was a big need, seeing as stimulants are typically heavy on side effects. During that period, somewhere in France, Modafinil was invented. In 1994, it was first marketed as Modiodal in France. In 1998, Provigil was accepted as an official remedy for narcolepsy, courtesy of the FDA. [R]

The main purpose of consuming Modafinil is to stay awake, but often it is used as a productivity enhancer and a study aid. Modafinil has been gaining huge popularity among people who want to be on top of their game. That includes professionals, students, and even artists because of its potential to boost creativity.

Slowly, over the years, Modafinil has become a must-have for students who want to achieve better results. This kind of ”intellectual doping” leads to both enjoyment and increased effectiveness in learning. Basically, it increases students’ desire for new knowledge. Taking a pill in the morning makes them prepared for a full day (or an all-nighter) of learning. You should always time your Modafinil an hour in advance. Also, make sure that the effects catch you while focused on the task at hand. That means no Facebook, YouTube videos, or anything else that might distract you. Make a goal out of staying away from distractions.

I’m tellin’ ya… Don’t neglect this aspect. Your overall Modafinil experience will depend on your mindset!

Being in work-mode, study-mode, or, ideally, in a state of flow is the best thing you can do to maximize your Modafinil experience.

You may find the Pomodoro technique helpful. In a nutshell, it consists of fragmenting your time It’s very effective at helping you focus by eliminating distractions. Here’s a list of 10 apps that employ this specific technique.

Modafinil helps isolate many disturbing factors, such as social networks or hanging with friends during exams, and to concentrate only on studying. When their focus is on one thing, the result is way better.

Also, Modafinil increases the ability to remember information, thus making the act of learning more enjoyable. Hence, the need for repetition is reduced.

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Student life can be pretty hard. In most places around the world, the curricula can be overbearing. Oftentimes, exams are organized one after another in just one day, and somehow, they need to find a room for social life. And when it comes to deadlines, they try to catch up by learning at night, drinking coffee, energy drinks, etc. And the only thing they get is being exhausted with zero focus.

As a medicine with the main labeled use as a treatment for sleep disorders, Modafinil helps students stay awake, but also to use that period wisely. It has become an excellent replacement for gallons of coffee and stressful nights.

Another way Modafinil improves cognitive performance is by helping short-term memory better accept new information. Modafinil is known to enhance students’ ability to understand lessons and to take the notes that are really useful.

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When exams need to be prepared within a short period of time, their focus must be at the highest level. Modafinil boosts short-term memory temporarily, without any side-effects other than those one experiences on caffeine. Of course, sometimes people develop rashes, or an irritable mood, but those are rare occurrences. It’s not a recreational drug – there are no effects of excitement or extreme mood changes. You won’t get high, just more eager to study or work on your goals.

Let’s face it… odds are your study material won’t be more interesting, but you will be more motivated to get done with your exams without delay. Still, you may be one of the lucky ones who are actually enjoying what they’re studying. That’s marvelous news and you can count yourself lucky!

Taking Modafinil for studying ensures you won’t just fall asleep when studying becomes boring. Use it wisely and consult your doctor beforehand.

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